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Una Risposta to “Produzioni”

  1. Greetings,

    We are Beyond Perception, and we have just finished recording our second album. We are looking for a record label to help us release it. The album contains 12 tracks plus a bonus track, with a total of 69:44 min. THE RECORD IS MASTERED BY R.D.LIAPAKIS & C.SCHMID AT THE PROPHECY & MUSIC FACTORY STUDIOS / GERMANY
    Also we are interested in booking live shows abroad.

    Band Bio:
    Beyond Perception were originally formed in the summer of 2004 by Kostas Kalavrezos (guitar), Panos Kalavrezos (bass), Tolis Toleas (drums) and Paris Poukamisas (vocals, guitar) as a Progressive/Rock Band.
    Influenced by Metal/Rock music, the nature and synthesis of the Band change after a while. Having created the material that expresses them most, they create and publish their first Demo, which is accepted with great enthusiasm by fans.
    The Band goes on tour throughout Greece, while their music becomes heavier and more aggressive.
    After two years, Paris decides to leave the Band due to different musical perceptions. It takes almost ten months for the band to find a new skillful singer who can meet their expectations. The name of the new singer is Panos Karnaris (former singer of WFDD). He is of an unusual attitude and musical preferences, which affects the Band in an upgrading way.
    They record another Demo with the new singer and after several months of hard work and fans’ encouragement, they record their first professional Album.
    They sign a contract with “Casket Music” Enterprise and soon become well known abroad, through several music websites.

    If you are interested please take a look at our myspace website:

    These are a few of the reviews for our first album:

    -“…Imagine Kyuss jamming with SOD and you’re on the money…” “…The songs are straightforward but they’re carried off with a penchant for a hook that’ll stay with you like a twelve-pint hangover…” “…a vocalist that sounds as though he eats babies for breakfast…”
    (Terrorizer, 7/10)

    -“…with metallic aggression tempered by bluesy riffs and moody spoken word segments…” “…the spirit of sludgy southern rock…”
    (Kerrang, KKK)

    -“…Sludge fans, aggressive Stoner lovers…this album is exactly what the doctor’s ordered!…The Final Descend is certainly a worthy addition to such people’s record collections!…”
    (Concrete Web, 90/100)

    -“…Their rumbling metal would be more at home in the American South than anywhere in Europe…” “…huge grooves, kick-ass riffs from rocking your face off…”
    (Rock Midgets, 3/5)

    -“…Beyond Perception, a Greek Stoner Metal act with enough heaviness to turn your testicles to dust!…” “…riffing that gets stuck in your head… a singer with great vocal abilities…”
    (, 3.5/5)

    -“…Beyond Perception one of the greek bands that I really enjoy hearring…” “…Sludgy, Stoner riffs that get to you and make you want to rock your head off…” “…powerfull album, heavy sound just like it should be…”
    (, 8/10)

    -“…music that could easily be coming from Georgia (USA)…” “…great song-writing..”
    (Metal Hammer, 7/10)

    For any additional information please contact us.
    Thank you for your time.
    Best Regards,
    Dimitris Kouroumousis

    Band management-Event organizer
    +30 6945473139


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