A.A.V.V. – “This Love.. A Tribute to Dimebag”

MPC001 [2006] / Formato: MP3 (free download)

dimebag Compilation tributo alla memoria di Dimebag Darrell e alle altre vittime della sparatoria dell’8 Dicembre 2004: Nathan Bray, Erin Halk e Jeff “Mayhem” Thompson. Il tributo è disponibile in free download, alcune copie “fisiche” sono state stampate (in collaborazione con UDU Records) per ringraziare le bands partecipanti.

Download CD
Download Artwork

Website: www.deanguitars.com/dimebag.php


01. Strenght Beyond Strenght – By the Grief
02. Mouth For War – Atomic Ants
03. 5 Minute Alone – Shelter of Leech
04. Cowboys From Hell – empYrios
05. Walk – Hapax
06. Cemetary Gates – Day1Day
07. Suicide Note (Southern Version) – Sown
08. This Love – Addiction Crew
09. War Nerve – Shattered
10. Domination – Remorse
11. Rise – Imodium
12. Fucking Hostile – Sufferhead
13. Planet Caravan – Orient Express
14. Suicide Note (Lysergik Version) – Evilgroove
15. Slaughtered – UnDEAD
16. Becoming – HateRade


All songs by Pantera except “Planet Caravan” by Black Sabbath
Performed, rearranged and recorded by various artists
Addiction Crew appears by coutesy of Earache Records
Atomic Ants appears by courtesy of Copro Records / Casket Music
Produced and conceived by NoizeItalia crew
Artwork by Sinthetik Design
Enjoy the free download and please, spread the word about this project and share it as hell!!
Special thanks to all artists and musicians involved in this project
Getcha’ Pull Dime!!


~ di mpcdiy su 20/08/2009.


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